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Scotiabankers Celebrate International Women's Day By Making Things Happen

Georgetown, March 19, 2015. Earlier this month, Scotiabank employees in Guyana celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) with a number of initiatives benefitting women, including customers and employees.

The Carmichael Street branch staff organised a seminar on Wednesday, March 4th for female entrepreneurs to give them exposure to the Bank’s free online resources that can help them manage their businesses. The event was also used for networking opportunities. Two successful women in business – Scotiabank Country Manager in Guyana Amanda St. Aubyn and Lucia Desir-John of D&H Shipping – shared some of their business insights.

Employees from the Country Management Office and Processing Department responded to a media report on Norma Hitlall, a blind, bed-ridden 61-year-old who is being cared for by her 90-year-old mother and daughter through mostly public assistance. Employees launched an appeal for donations and the small group of about 30 Scotiabankers raised over $70,000. The Bank matched the funds and a portion was used to purchase food and other grocery items which were presented to Hitlall’s mother on International Women’s Day.

Scotiabankers in the Parika Branch and Collections Unit paid tribute to female staffers, recognising their contributions to the home and work. Other branches and departments will be implementing their initiatives during this month. IWD is celebrated on March 8 annually and this year, the theme was ‘Make it Happen’.