Working Capital

  • Right for you if: 
    You think your business will benefit from a boost in operating capital

  • Maintain enough capital to operate, weather seasonal ups and downs, and act on growth opportunities with one of our customisable credit solutions. 

    Demand Loans (in U.S.* and local currency):

    Our U.S. dollar or local currency Demand Loans can be used to:

  • Acquire capital goods

  • Upgrade a plant

  • Purchase raw materials for manufacturing

  • Enhance your working capital

  • Take advantage of Scotiabank’s flexible payment arrangements, including monthly instalments or lump-sum payments.

    Overdraft Protection:

    Overdraft Protection is a safety net that helps you meet your short-term Working Capital needs and enables your company to improve cash flow requirements. Scotiabank charges a competitive interest rate on the overdrawn amount.

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