TRADEXPRESS1 ExportDoc is a PC-based software package that makes it easier for exporters to prepare and assemble the documents they need to present for Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections, or open-account transactions.

ExportDoc: Efficient and User-friendly

ExportDoc minimises the cost and time required to produce export documents by drawing information from existing data and copying it to a worksheet. Easily access historical information and print more than 23 different documents using plain paper — no specialised forms required.

  • Choose your language: ExportDoc supports English, French, and Spanish. All screen and document text, with the exception of specific government documents, displays in the language you prefer.

  • Build templates: Routine shipments can be customised and each export is assigned a unique reference number that can be recalled later for similar shipments.

  • Reduce errors: Transpose information from document to document with fewer errors, since previous export templates can be saved and used for new and repeat business. Government documents generated typically meet official requirements.

  • Access online help: Take the guesswork out of filling in necessary fields with correct codes stored in drop-down tables. Stop searching for the correct forms.

  • Create a built-in catalogue: Store and organise your product information by product number and store data for use in other programmes, such as FoxPro or dBase.

  • Brand your company: Put your company logo and signature graphic on documents. Use the address book accessible from your worksheet to store information on clients and brokers.

  • Send documents electronically: Use handy JPEG thumbnails as you create your documents.

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