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Here's what you'll need.

Your ID, email address and personal information must match your customer profile.

Laptop or Desktop
Last 4 digits of your account number

Let's get you signed up. 

Follow the steps below to sign up for Scotia OnLine Banking.

Step 1 - Go to the sign in page

Go to the sign in page for Scotia OnLine and click on "enroll now". For the best experience, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer. 

Step 2 - Enter your customer information

  • Enter card number
  • Last name
  • Last 4 digits of account number
  • Answer security question
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth

If the info entered does not match your customer profile, you will have to review and re-enter your details.

 If you're stuck at this step and need further support, send us an email at CustomerCareGY@scotiabank.com 

⚠️If you enter your ID incorrectly 3 times you will be locked out for 24 hours.

Step 3 - Create password.

Now, its time to create a password for your account. This password would allow you to sign in to both Scotia OnLine and Mobile banking.

Your password must:

  • Be 8-32 characters long
  • Have a minimum of 1 uppercase letter
  • Have a minimum of 1 lowercase letter
  • Have a minimum of 1 number
  • Have no special characters

Once you’ve decided on a password that meets the criteria above, be sure to keep this password safe and do not share it with anyone. Our online platform is secure but it is dependent on you keeping this password to yourself.




Step 4 - Create access code

Your access code is an additional layer of security which helps you keep your online and mobile banking experience safe and secure.

This code will be required for certain functions such as adding payees and  transfer recipients or when making other edits to your OnLine Banking.

Your access code must have a minimum of 6 digits.


Step 5 - Select your security questions.

Select 5 personalized questions and answers. This would be required for future login attempts.

When chosing your answers please note:

  • Each answer must be unique
  • Special characters (!@#$%^&*) are not allowed 
  • Maximum length: 4 characters
  • Not case sensitive

Step 6 - Congrats! You've successfully enrolled!

Now that you're enrolled to use Scotia OnLine Banking, you should receive a notice that you have successfully registered.

You may now proceed to sign-in to Scotia OnLine. 


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