Mastercard® Benefits Comparison Chart

Use our Mastercard® Benefits Comparison Chart to compare different Mastercard® products and determine which Mastercard® credit card programme is right for you.

Features and Benefits Mastercard® Gold
Worldwide acceptance redcheck redcheck
Security redcheck redcheck
Instant cash from ATMs redcheck redcheck
Global Service Centre redcheck redcheck
Master delivery redcheck redcheck
MasterAssist® - redcheck
FREE Convenience Cheques redcheck redcheck
Annual cash rebate - redcheck
MasterTravel Insurance redcheck redcheck
MasterRental Insurance - redcheck
Optional Credit Protection redcheck redcheck

Applying for your Scotiabank Mastercard® credit card is easy. Contact us for more information about our suite of credit card products (including rates and fees), and the benefits of transferring your existing credit card balance(s) to Scotiabank.