Deposit Insurance

Deposit Insurance Payouts

Deposit Insurance payouts would become payable only after a member institution has been closed by or with the approval of Bank of Guyana as a result of financial difficulties

Local Currency Deposits insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation

All financial institutions which engage in the business of receiving deposits and which are licensed under the Financial Institutions Act 1995, have deposit insurance. The following categories of deposits are insured:

  • Demand Deposit or Chequing Account (including interest)
  • Savings Account (including interest)
  • Time Deposits or Certificates of Deposit (including interest)

Note: Subject to the maximum amount covered, the reimbursement is calculated based on the combined amount of insured deposits that a person or incorporated business has at the financial institution and includes the interest accrued until the time of the entry into liquidation.

Deposit Insurance coverage

Please check Deposit Insurance Corporation’s website for more details and the most up to date coverage limits: