Scotiabank Switch Kit

Transferring your existing accounts to Scotiabank is easy. The Scotiabank Switch Kit gives you all the tools you need to make your transition a smooth one. Simply follow the steps below.

STEP ONE: Gather your information.

Use our handy checklist [PDF: 32.6 Kb] to make sure you have all the banking information you need to make the switch.

STEP TWO: Open a new Scotiabank account.

Before you call or visit us in-branch, fill out our Preferences Form [PDF: 41 Kb] and keep it with you. This form will help our staff determine what bank account will best suit your needs. Make sure you also bring:

  • One picture-bearing, government-issued ID card (e.g. passport, national ID card, or driver’s licence)
  • One more form of ID, for corroborative purposes (e.g. employee ID card, birth certificate)

STEP THREE: Make the switch.

Use our Deposit Authorisation Form [PDF: 37 Kb] to set up direct/payroll deposit from your employer. Once you’ve completed this step, your paycheques will be deposited in your new account.

If you don’t use direct deposit, talk to one of our representatives at your local branch to set it up.

STEP FOUR: Close your old bank account.

Download and fill out our Close Account Authorisation Form [PDF: 36 Kb] to close your old bank account and have your outstanding balance transferred to Scotiabank.

Have questions?

Contact us or visit your nearest Scotiabank branch for more information about the Scotiabank Switch Kit or any other Scotiabank product or service.

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