Home Builder Loans

Choosing to build rather than to buy takes greater effort, but to live your life in a custom-built home just for you – is so worth it.

You can build a new structure or renovate an old one. With Scotiabank, you will never be alone. A Personal Banking Officer (PBO), along with expert support staff, is there to guide you along each step of the way to the completion of your building project and beyond.

From the moment you decide to build, keep two clear objectives in mind:

Make every effort to build within the budget. 

Build within the specific time. 

We'll help you, do you, with a home builder loan.

Step 1: Find out the cost

Step 2: Meet with your Personal Banking Officer

Step 3: Loan approval process requirements

Step 4: Let's start building

Step 5: Convert your home builder loan to a mortgage


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